Beverley O’Neil

Beverley O’Neil, Ktunaxa – In the Ktunaxa language, Kyakxa? haq?tima?i? means a knowledge provider, expert. Beverley owns and operates two companies – O’Neil Marketing & Consulting, and Numa Communications Ltd. Prior to starting her businesses, O’Neil worked as the Director of Community Economic Development for the Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Tribal Council (now the Ktunaxa Nation Council). Beverley has nearly 30 years experience working in First Nation / Indigenous community economic development and tourism. In her businesses, she focuses on community economic development in a wide variety of sectors including tourism, agriculture, facilitation, event planning, training program development, proposal preparation, and business and marketing planning. She has worked across Canada and in Northern communities and has worked and spoken internationally. Recently she volunteered in Kenya, and was a role model story in the book “We are born with the song inside us,” by Katherine Gordon. In her spare time she is a stand-up comic and marathon runner. For information on Beverley, click here.