Brian Payer

Brian Payer, Objibwe – operates Brian Payer and Associates, a consulting company that focuses on business development, market enhancement and strategic economic development primarily with Indigenous individuals, corporations and organizations. Brian has been involved in Indigenous economic development for more than 25 years. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UBC which complements the experience he has gained in business development to strategic planning over a broad range of sectors including tourism, manufacturing, resource-based business development, and governance. Brian has been working exclusively with Indigenous clients particularly in the area of entrepreneurship where he develops strategic business plans along with balanced financial packages for his clients. With many of his clientele, he provides business implementation services where he guides them through the process of establishing their businesses followed by business support, which effectively provides the client with an experienced ‘sounding board’ and ‘trouble shooter’ as they proceed with business operations. Having owned and operated his own manufacturing enterprise for 11 years that employed over 30 people and had sales in excess of $1.3 million per year, Brian provides consulting expertise from “on the ground” experience.