Kumtuks Group

Kumtuks = Chinook language meaning “to know, to have wisdom, to be wise”

The Kumtuks Group is a professional group of consultants who are all of First Nations / Indigenous origin. We operate by a set of principles, guidelines and standards common to First Nations of Canada – respect, honor, contribution, trust, integrity – and we self-monitor our group to ensure the initiatives we are involved with contribute positively to the well-being of First Nations and Indigenous people for many generations to come.

In many First Nation languages, there is no word for ‘Consultant’. Each member of the Kumtuks Group has been given the name in their First Nation language that reflects the knowledge, skills and experience they offer as a service provider / consultant.

Who is a Kumtuk?

Kumtuks is a professional group whose term ‘Kumtuks’ is legally protected and can only be used by those persons who have been invited to be a part of the group, accepted and uphold the standards of the group. Only the persons listed on this page are entitled to use the image and call themselves Kumtuks. All Kumtuks are experienced consultants of Indigenous origin who have a proven track record for quality work that honors the values and principles of the group.

Beverley O’Neil
President / Kumtuk

Beverley O’Neil, Ktunaxa – In the Ktunaxa language, Kyakxa? haq?tima?i? means a knowledge provider, expert. Beverley owns and operates…

P Jerry Asp

P Jerry Asp, Tahltan – is one of western Canada’s most prominent Indigenous leaders. He is committed to enhancing…

Roger LeClerc

Roger LeClerc, Métis – is president of LeRoger Consulting Ltd. He has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Training…

Harold Tarbell

Harold Tarbell, Mohawk – is a member of the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne, a First Nation/American Indian community located…

Brian Payer

Brian Payer, Objibwe – operates Brian Payer and Associates, a consulting company that focuses on business development, market enhancement…

Other Partners

David Israelson
Media Relations Partner